Interpretation & Translation Services

Excellent translation and interpretation skills are vital to remove the language barrier, that often prevents non-English speakers from communicating effectively in today’s market.

The Michigan Bar Association, worried that faulty interpretations and translations in the justice system could result in confusion, mistakes, and wrongful convictions….As John Yun, a member of the Asian American Bar Association, said, "A statement that may come out one way can be interpreted in a different way." Attorney Intissar Ann Alkafaji, a member of the Michigan bar's Open Access Commission warned, "I have no doubt in my mind there are people are sitting in prison, convicted in part because their translations were incorrect." (Detroit Free Press, July 24, 2000)

We offer interpretation & translation services in a diversity of languages.
Our interpreters have been tested by our unique screening techniques in all three modes of interpretation: sight translation, simultaneous and consecutive interpretation to accommodate to your specific needs.
Telephone interpretation is available for your convenience.



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